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7 Tips for Buying Jeans That Fit like a Dream ...

By Shannon

Are you looking for some tips for buying jeans? This is one thing I find really frustrating about my husband-that he can just find jeans in no time. Yes, I know that there are different types of fits (i.e. relaxed, etc) for men too but, once they find the brand and fit they like, all they have to do is look for their waist and inseam measurements and they're done. We, on the other hand, have to find the right fit for our waist, inseam, hips, butt, thighs, etc. The only “consolation” is that theirs tend to cost more; at least, they do in some stores. That makes it easier. Anyway, here are a few tips for buying jeans. Hopefully this will make the process a little easier.

Table of contents:

  1. Don't focus on the size so much as the fit
  2. Find a good store
  3. Find your measurements and body type
  4. Don't rush yourself
  5. Always try them on
  6. Buy for different purposes
  7. Make sure they really do fit!

1 Don't Focus on the Size so Much as the Fit

This is one of the most important tips for buying jeans I've found. It's not about the number-size so much as the way they make you look and feel when you're wearing them. Don't get me wrong-going down a size is very encouraging, especially if you've been trying to slim down. There's a style of jeans out there for pretty much every figure, so you look for what works the best for you. Make sure they fit...if you have to suck it in, they don't fit. Also, don't concern yourself with fashion trends so much as what looks good on you. I swear by Riders by Lee-they really do “instantly slim you.”

2 Find a Good Store

It might help to find a store or two that has consistently high quality. This is probably more of a priority for people like me who shop in the “petite” section of the store, but it's not a bad idea all around. There's only one store around here where I've been able to find great pairs of jeans for decent prices, and that's Kohl's. I'm 5'2”, which means that most of the other brands-even the “short” sizes-are too long. I don't sew well enough to hem them, so if you do, maybe I can take some lessons?

3 Find Your Measurements and Body Type

I know I said not to focus on the size, but knowing what your measurements and body type are can help you narrow down the style of jeans that would look the best on you. For instance, I have long legs for my height, so straight-leg jeans with a natural waist work well for me. Women with a more pear-shaped figure might want to go for a flare or bootcut to call attention away from the hips and butt. For a more detailed description, scroll about a quarter-way down this page: The Chic Fashionista.

4 Don't Rush Yourself

Finding the right pair of jeans takes time. Think about it this way-you take time with your hair and makeup to make yourself look your best, so why not your jeans? Find a store and/or brand with a lot to choose from. Once you've found that perfect fit and cut, buy more than one if you can. You'd be surprised how often styles are discontinued. Either way...

5 Always Try Them on

When you buy new jeans later I'd still suggest trying them on first because, like bras, the fit varies slightly between brands. Plus, our bodies change as time goes on.

6 Buy for Different Purposes

Buy pairs for different purposes-one for lounging around the house, one for going out, one for heels, one for get the idea. This is especially helpful if you're like me and tend to retain water during certain times of the month.

7 Make Sure They Really do Fit!

Move around when trying them on. Sit down, turn around, dance a bit, other words, do the things you'll be doing wearing the jeans when you're trying them on. This sounds obvious, but think of the times you've seen someone's underwear or skin when they reach up or bend over to get something. Don't be that guy. Or girl. Or whatever.

There's nothing else to say about it-I love my jeans. I wear them everywhere, they look good with everything, and they just make me feel good. I hope I've been able to help you find a pair you like just as much. What type of jeans do you like? Where do you usually get them, and what sorts of styles make you feel the best? Do you have any more tips for buying jeans you'd like to share with the class? Discuss!

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