Top Tips for Caring for Your Sweaters ...


Top Tips for Caring for Your Sweaters ...
Top Tips for Caring for Your Sweaters ...

No one should go through life without some tips for caring for your sweaters. In the world of fashion, there are few garments more timeless and multifunctional as the humble sweater. A sweater can be worn effectively during pretty much any time of any season throughout the year. It is one of those magical items of clothing that can cross the border between casual and smart casual. When you find a sweater that you love, you want to hold on to it for as long as you possibly can, and there are plenty of ways to ensure that you get as much wear out of it whilst it is still in perfect condition. Finding the perfect sweater is harder than it sounds, and it’s for this reason that people go to such great lengths to protect their favourite knitwear. Here are some top tips for caring for your sweaters.

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Clean before Closeting

Proper cleaning will always be one of the best tips for caring for your sweaters. Even if you only threw your sweater on to go out for one afternoon, it is advised that you wash it before putting it back in your closet. Even the tiniest little stains and odours can attract moths, and once you have a moth problem, you can kiss your favourite sweater and the rest of your wardrobe goodbye! You could even go one step further and store them inside breathable cotton sweater bags for extra protection.


Stay Away from Heat

You should never expose your sweaters to extreme heat when washing them because this will always lead to shrinkage. If washing in a machine, pop them in a laundry bag and wash on the most delicate cycle available, using cold water and a low spin. If hand washing, all that you need to do is soak them in tepid water.


No Dryer

Another thing to do to avoid your sweaters shrinking is to let them air dry rather than putting them in a tumble dryer. This is simply too much heat for the fabric to handle if you want the garment to retain its original shape and size.


Don’t Hang Wet

When air drying a sweater, you should never peg it up to hang. Instead, you should lay it out flat on a towel to dry. This again is a tip for making sure that the sweater retains its original shape for a long as possible as you don’t want unsightly pinch marks to dry at the shoulders.


Avoid Friction

Plan your outfits so that any delicate sweater isn’t going to suffer from friction from other layers of clothing. For example, don’t wear a delicate cashmere sweater underneath a heavy denim jacket, as this can produce pilling and even create tiny holes in the most extreme cases.


Sweater Combs

If you do end up with some pilling on your sweaters, then it is best to remove it with a specially designed sweater comb rather than just picking at it with your fingers. You would be surprised just how much oil is in your fingertips, and excessive picking can cause even further damage to the fabric.

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