7 Tips for Full Figured Spring Fashion ...

Full figured spring fashion is absolutely stunning this season. Do not, I repeat do not feel the need to cover up as the weather gets warmer. There's absolutely no need. For one thing, you are banging gorgeous just the way you are, and if you've got confidence, you have to flaunt it. If you've got fierce fashionista blood running through your veins, you've got to flaunt that too. And hopefully, these fun, flirty tips for full figured spring fashion will help you do just that!

1. Find Your Most Fabulous Feature

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First up, you need to pick your favorite feature – that is, your favorite bodily feature. While you should certainly show off your full pout or those lovely, flashing eyes, you should also feel comfortable showing off your shapely legs, your flaring hips, or even your butt, if that's what you love best. Full figured spring fashion is all about embracing your body, and I promise, whatever your favorite feature is, there's a trend that will show it off to perfection.

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