7 Tips for Mixing Your Prints ...


7 Tips for Mixing Your Prints ...
7 Tips for Mixing Your Prints ...

Have you ever thought about mixing prints? The rules of the fashion industry are ever changing and things that were once considered faux pas are now being embraced by those of us who are trying to make a statement. One of the classic rules gone rogue would be mixing your prints. Not only does it allow you to put a creative spin on your usual threads, but it comes with the added benefit of letting your once limited pieces see some sun! So head to your closet (after reading this article of course) and break out your pattern pieces. Here are 7 hot tips for mixing prints!

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Keep It All in the Family

Keep It All in the Family Let's face it, mixing prints can be a tricky and often frustrating experience. One of the easiest ways to keep your mixed prints looking chic instead of just plain confused is by keeping them all in the same color family. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to all be the same shade, but having a central color theme or palette to work from allows you to blend your prints more easily. Try picking a color that repeats throughout the entire ensemble. This ensures you a look that is more unified and seemingly put together and less like you got dressed without your contacts in.


Size Does Matter

Size Does Matter An easy way to mix up the prints you have hanging in your closet is by matching up big prints with smaller ones. The contrast of big prints with small and thick prints paired with thin makes your overall look visually appealing while still making a strong, not overwhelming, statement.


Less is More

Less is More While pairing your various prints into an ensemble can be a liberating (oh the possibilities!), don’t go crossing every article of clothing you have just yet. No more than two prints at a time is a good rule for beginners and three prints at a time for the extremely daring and intermediate fashionista. Four or more is asking for trouble!


Dedication is the Key

Dedication is the Key It doesn’t matter who you are, celebrity or average Jane; you have to commit to the outfit. If you don’t wear your clothes with confidence people are going to notice and not for the reasons you intended. If you doubt your ability to pull off a mixed print look, DON’T WEAR IT! Try one of the more subtle techniques discussed first and work your way up. For those of you still brave enough to try, channel your inner diva and give it the old college try. Stand up straight, keep your shoulders back and smile bright... and walk with confidence!


Organized Chaos

Organized Chaos One of the most successful ways of mixing your prints would be to pair a more rigid, structured looking print with a bolder more organic looking one. The contrast of a complicated or busy print (think tribal!) matched with a simpler more basic one (try thin stripes) is not only more visually impacting, but it also creates fluidity throughout your entire look.


One Piece to Rule Them ALL!

One Piece to Rule Them ALL! For those of you who want to start off slow with this trend choose a star piece to work around. A bold statement making piece can be a great starting point allowing you time to build the rest of your outfit around it. Try pairing a bold dark printed skirt (think big leopard print) with a soft neutral colored one (try soft pale pink dots or stripes). By focusing on a central piece and working your way up, you can create a more cohesive look overall.


All the Rage Accessories

All the Rage Accessories When mixing prints within your wardrobe, accessories can work for you in several ways, tying your outfit together better than an elf at Christmas time. Is your bold and bright floral top lacking the edge you hoped? Add an equally as bold printed shoe and step out in your now stepped up style. Mixing your prints shouldn’t be limited to just your bigger pieces. Too much animal print leaving you a little overwhelmed? Tone it down by adding a solid colored belt or bag. Are your basic leaving you feeling a little bland? Add a bright pop of color to shake things up a bit. Try adding texture to your ensemble for a more subtle approach to the trend. By opening up your print mixing to include your accessories you can fine tune your newly acquired skills before branching out to bolder and bigger pairings.

Whether you have tried unsuccessfully to mix prints in the past or are looking for a new way to showcase your more creative side, following these tips for mixing your prints will help your create and command a sassy ensemble. Which of these daring ideas are you going to try?

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