7 Tips for Mixing Your Prints ...

Have you ever thought about mixing prints? The rules of the fashion industry are ever changing and things that were once considered faux pas are now being embraced by those of us who are trying to make a statement. One of the classic rules gone rogue would be mixing your prints. Not only does it allow you to put a creative spin on your usual threads, but it comes with the added benefit of letting your once limited pieces see some sun! So head to your closet (after reading this article of course) and break out your pattern pieces. Here are 7 hot tips for mixing prints!

1. Keep It All in the Family

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Let's face it, mixing prints can be a tricky and often frustrating experience. One of the easiest ways to keep your mixed prints looking chic instead of just plain confused is by keeping them all in the same color family. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to all be the same shade, but having a central color theme or palette to work from allows you to blend your prints more easily. Try picking a color that repeats throughout the entire ensemble. This ensures you a look that is more unified and seemingly put together and less like you got dressed without your contacts in.

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