8 Tips for Revamping Your Style on a Budget ...

Achieving a new look on a budget may sound like a difficult proposition. But girls, if you fancy a change of style – as we all do at times – it doesn´t requires loads of cash! What a new look on a budget requires is ingenuity and individuality – after all, your aim is to look good, and style is something that cannot be bought. So here are some great tips on how to revamp your style on a budget …

1. Inspiration

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If you´re stuck for ideas on how to revamp your style, then do some research. Read blogs, magazines, browse around shops (especially little boutiques and vintage shops) and look at how people dress. Inspiration can be found everywhere, and it doesn´t cost a penny.

2. Customise

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You´ve heard the old saying about how we wear only 20% of the items in our closets 80% of the time. So what can you do with all those clothes that you never wear? Use some imagination and look at what can be turned into something new – you´d be surprised how much you can alter and get a completely different garment that you´ll love to wear.

3. Flea Markets

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My favourite tip for getting a new look on a budget is to check out flea markets in your town. I can´t recommend them enough for finding wonderful bargains. Since I started wearing dresses more frequently, I have picked up several lovely summer dresses for just a euro or two each. You can´t beat prices like that for budget style!

4. Swap

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But what can you do with those items that you´ve bought and rarely or never wear? There´s a great way of finding them a new home while grabbing yourself some new style in return. Organise a clothes swap with your friends and you can all find something new and different for a change in style.

5. Home Couture

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Handy with a needle and a sewing machine? Making your own clothes is a fantastic way of achieving bargain style. You can pick up some gorgeous fabrics at great prices if you look in the sales or buy remnants, and experiment with a new look, plus you can alter clothes you pick up in flea markets or sales.

6. Blogs

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It seems that every other person is writing a blog on style these days! There are so many about that you´re sure to come across some that inspire you. Remember that you´re trying to find your own new style, not imitate someone else´s, so never copy, but use what you see to set you off on your own path.

7. Ebay

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There are still some great bargains to be found on eBay, so if you´re searching for a new look on a budget have a thorough browse through the clothing section. Browsing is also useful for deciding what you don´t like – eliminating ideas is just as helpful in picking a new style.

8. Signature

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The truly stylish person has a look that everyone instantly recognises. Think Marilyn´s peroxide hair, Hepburn´s mannish pants, or Diana Vreeland´s scarlet lipstick. Find something to be your signature item and make it your own – it can be a makeup look, an accessory or a super-flattering hairstyle.

It´s easy once you know how to revamp your style; there are lots of ways of changing your look that don´t require a lot of money. If anything, finding a new look on a budget teaches you to be imaginative. Consider styles and colors that you wouldn´t have worn before. You never know what might suit you until you try! Do you change your look every day, and never look the same two days running, or have you stuck with the same way of dressing since you were in High School?

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