8 Tips for Styling a Motorcycle Jacket ...

Knowing how to style a motorcycle jacket successfully can come down to a number of factors. Fit, colour, cut, and style can all play a part in just how to style your motorcycle jacket. The motorcycle, or biker, jacket is a fashion favourite and perfect for pulling off an urbanite look. The asymmetrical front, zipper details, cool oversized collar – this style of jacket just screams city chic! Want to know how to style motorcycle jackets successfully? We’ve got you covered!

1. Find Your Fabric

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Leather motorcycle jackets are probably the most common of the lot. They’re the original and, some would argue, the best. However, this popular style of jacket can also be found in fabrics such as denim, silk, and cotton. When looking at how to style a motorcycle jacket, take the fabric into account. Leather is perfect for working a model-off-duty approach, faded denim is far more casual, and softer silks are perfect for pulling off more feminine looks. You can read more about leather jackets to decide if you want to make the investment.

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