7 Tips for Traveling in Style ...


The holidays are here again, and that means itโ€™s time for turkey, trees, tinsel, and of course, tips for traveling in style! But while you may not be able to avoid getting hit with a $25 bag-check fee or delayed by an unexpected snowstorm, you can at least make sure you look great with the help of a few quick and easy tips for traveling in style. From keeping your makeup simple to saving the pajama pants for the gym, these tips are effortless enough for a casual girl like me, but also savvy enough to satisfy my fashion-focused sister. Give them a try to help make this yearโ€™s trek to grandmaโ€™s house your best ever!

1. Keep Your Makeup Simple... and Moisturizing

One of my especially easy tips for traveling in style is to skip heavy foundations and choose a tinted moisturizer instead. Recycled plane air is known to be incredibly drying, and who wants to arrive at her destination with dried up, flaking makeup? Not only will a tinted moisturizer help keep your skin from drying out, but it can also be easily touched up before you arrive. You can keep the rest of your look fresh, too, with a touch of mascara, cream blush and tinted lip balm.

Swap the Basic Duffel for a Cuter Carry-on
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