7 Tips for Wearing an Uber on-Trend Cape ...

I have been researching the best tips for wearing a cape for weeks. Can you imagine making a swishy, sophisticated entrance in a gorgeous cape?! It’s a trend that the A-list have certainly embraced, and I’d love to get on board with. So, here are the best tips for wearing a cape that I’ve found, so you can make like an A-lister and wear one day and night. It’s quite addictive, you know. Just resist the urge to play superheroes…

1. Go Colorful

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Yes, it feels like a strange tip, but it’s honestly one of the best tips for wearing a cape that I’ve found. Resist the urge to match your cape to your outfit. Instead, go for something contrasting for maximum impact. Coco Rocha did this amazingly, teaming her black, white and blue dress with a bold red cape. It’s chic, eye-catching and totally confident, which is the perfect way to wear a cape.

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