7 Tips for Wearing Cropped Wide Leg Pants ...

Take inspiration from the designer runways and try wearing cropped wide leg pants this season. Cropped wide leg pants have a bit of a reputation as being hard to wear but that doesn’t seem to be stopping the number of fashion-savvy females jumping on board the bandwagon. Resembling culottes, this season’s cropped pants are all about creating an understated and elegant look. These are a few tips for wearing cropped wide leg pants this season.

1. Start Neutral

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When wearing cropped wide leg pants, start by sticking to neutral colour palettes. The silhouette of cropped wide leg pants can be quite commanding, so choosing neutral colours keeps things looking understated and timeless. Black and white pants are both flattering and on-trend at the moment, and other colours like navy and grey are chic choices as well. Once you’ve mastered the art of styling your cropped wide leg pants then experiment with colour, texture, and pattern!

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