8. Find the Perfect Balance

Less can be more but, then again, less can also mean “not much” and that’s one word you don’t want people to use when trying to describe your style. Right? Another thing you don’t want is to overdo it and end up looking like… well… let’s not go there. So, my final tip on how to accessorize would be to find a perfect balance between looking plain and looking like a circus performer. It’s actually quite simple- if you’re wearing a glitzy, bejeweled dress/top, ditch excess jewelry (such as necklaces or long earrings) and opt for a bracelet or a statement ring instead.

Glitzy dresses look best with neutral shoes (black or nude) and glitzy shoes will look ubercool if you pair them with a simple dress and impressive jewelry or a sexy sparkly top and a pair of skinny jeans (go easy on the jewelry). Plain, knitted dresses or turtleneck blouses, in the other hand, NEED accessories so don’t be afraid to throw in a fur collar, long pearl necklace and your favorite medallion necklace! In case necklaces are not your thing, definitely consider belts and long eye-catching earrings.

You see, there are many fun, budget-friendly ways to be stylish and unique so before you go on a shopping spree determined to spend your entire salary in advance, figure out how to accessorize clothes you already have. So? Any naturally gifted ladies out there? I bet there are plenty of you who can share their own cool tips and tricks on how to accessorize. Come on don’t be shy! Tell me – what works best for you?

Top Photo Credit: data.whicdn.com

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