10 Tips on How to Build Your Wardrobe ...

How To Build A Wardrobe that is functional, cute, comfortable and fashion forward can be a little tricky but it's not impossible! Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved clothes and shoes and accessories-basically, anything to do with fashion! My favorite thing about knowing how to build a wardrobe is having fun mixing and matching pieces to create a unique style all my own and I have to say I have a lot of experience doing it! If you are looking for some tips on how to build a wardrobe, keep reading because you have just stumbled onto the holy grail!

1. Start with Neutrals

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When it comes to fashion, color is great! But you need to make sure you have plenty of neutral colors in your closet as well. Neutral colors include black, brown, white, tan, camel, navy, gray and cream. With these neutrals, you can build an outfit and add one or two pops of color here and there. Neutrals are great choices for work clothing or for a bag, coat or shoes.

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