7 Tips on How to Keep Warm but Fashionable ...

How to keep warm and fashionable is a question that bugs us all in winter! After all, how sexy, glam or trendy could a ski jacket be? Not much, I tell you, and there is no reason to wear it outside the ski resort! Not unless you really want to, that is! Let’s suppose you don’t and that you’re interested in keeping warm and fashionable in a bit more of a sophisticated manner – is it achievable? Absolutely! Here are some tips and suggestions on the best warm and fashionable clothes to help you look absolutely amazing and feel absolutely great this winter:

1. Layer It

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Winter jackets, UGGs and snow boots are all fine and dandy but how to keep warm and fashionable in times when you can’t pull out your bulky jacket or a pair of favorite CAT boots? Now that’s a good question and the one I probably should have a good answer for, given the fact that I’ve spent most of my life in a country in which winter temperatures can go as low as -20 degrees Celsius. Layer your clothes! It’s easy, it’s simple, it will keep you warm and enable you to wear even a thin, fancy coat and feel like you’re wearing the warmest of ski jackets. I’m talking thick tights, undershirts, long tops that can be tucked in etc. Even your clothes can be layered in so many ways which, of course, allows you to create a better, more interesting look and use even thinner garments you wouldn't have even dreamed of wearing in winter!

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