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I’ve worked in office settings before where I spent more of my time figuring out how to stay warm at work then getting much work done. I naturally run cold so it’s always been on my radar to make sure I’m warm. In an office building, it can get pretty tricky, but these are some tips that I live by when it comes to how to stay warm at work.

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Layers, Layers, Layers

Honestly, your best bet for figuring out how to stay warm at work is to wear layers. I like doing this because you can start to peel them off if you get too hot. Wear camis, shirts, cardigans, scarves, thicker cardigans, or whatever you need to bundle up. Scarves help me keep my neck warm and cardigans are nice because I can pull them over my hands if they get cold.


Some like It Hot

Having a hot dish in your day's meal plan can help warm you up at work. Consider having soup at lunch or drinking tea or coffee throughout the day. If you don’t want to drink caffeine, consider having apple cider vinegar tea which helps with building up your immune system or hot water and lemon. I typically have a cup nearby so that I can hold it in my hands to help warm me up when needed. Aim for a warm lunch, whatever it may be.



With long pants and closed shoes, knee-high socks are a cheat-cheat to staying warm. If you get them in a solid color, no one will even know the difference. Socks are a good way to keep warm because we lose most of our heat through our feet, hands and head so keeping your feet toasty is always a good idea. If you are wearing open shoes, wear tights or nude knee-highs to help keep that heat contained.



A teacher from my high school used to wrap herself in a shawl whenever her room got cold, which was practically all the time. Shawls are a cute but an effective way to keep warm at work. You can wrap them around your shoulders or cover your whole torso. No matter how you want to wear it, shawls are something you should definitely add to work wardrobe.


Know Your Fabrics

The fabric of your clothes plays a big role in knowing how to keep warm at work. Cotton absorbs any moisture from the body and can make the cloth feel colder. Wool is a warm alternative that helps keep heat insulated. If you have a wool cardigan, consider keeping that at the office so that you can pull it on whenever you get chilly.



Wear your hair down. It’s important to keep your neck warm. If your none of the scarves in your scarf collection seem to match your outfit, then simply putting your hair down can help cover your neck and keep it warm. Why not pull it back in a low ponytail to help contain the heat?



Skip the heels for a day and put on some boots. Everyone I know has cute but warm boots they pull out for moments like this. I have a pair of knee-high black boots that comfortably sit under my pant’s leg. You can wear them however you like but make sure to wear them.

We all struggle with keeping warm at work. I brought up the subject with my mom and she began prattling on about how cold it gets at the office. I hope these tips helped spark some ideas of ways that you can keep warm. What are some other ways to keep warm at work?

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Two Words: Maxi Skirts -- you can wear leggings and boots underneath!!

We've been having weeks of on and off 40 degree (Celsius) weather in the south of Australia :(

Love it! I'm one of those people that stay cold too.

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