7 Tips on How to Wear Plush Velvet This Fall ...

You don’t have to shy away this season from some of the best fabrics and textures fall has to offer if you’re unsure on how to wear them. One of those fabrics being velvet, which is divinely luxurious while still being a classic, understated piece. The lovely subtle sheen of the fabric will add sparkle and shine to any outfit for fall that you can transition into the holiday season. These 7 tips on how to wear plush velvet this fall will make you the new shining star of the season.

1. Colour, Colour, Colour!

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Velvet is such a richly luxurious fabric. Choosing pieces in opulent jewel tones make velvet even more lavish. Bold red and deep oxblood tones along with royal blues were huge hits on the runway for this fall. Velvet is the perfect plush fabric to experiment with brilliant gemstone hues.

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