7 Tips on Wearing Faux Fur in Style ...

It’s that time of the year where my favorite shops fill up with faux fur – and with celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian regularly stepping out in fur, it’s no wonder why. It’s comfortable, warm and ideal for transforming an outfit from day to night – but to get it right, make sure you steer clear of novelty items and dodgy prints, and opt for chic and elegant pieces instead. Want to get it right in a flash? Here’s how to wear faux fur the right way.

1. Get Gloved

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Everyone has a selection of thick tights and wooly jumpers for cool days, and these often look great teamed with faux fur! Adding some fur gloves to your look is a really easy way to keep yourself warmer, and stay looking good. Plain black gloves are a timeless choice that will go with anything, or opt for gloves featuring a monochrome pattern to make them eye-catching.

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