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7 Genius Tips to Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh for Girls Who like to Smell Good All Day ...

By Alicia

Fresh smelling clothing gets your day off to a beautiful start, doesn’t it? But sometimes your clothing may not smell as fresh as you’d like. Closets get musty along with your clothes occasionally picking up normal body odors. These are the 7 tips you need to keep your clothes always smelling fresh.

1 Launder after One Wear with This Exception

It’s a simple tip but an important one. Launder your clothing often, generally after one wear. The only exception to this would be your jeans. Experts recommend that you don’t wash jeans after each wear because it breaks down the denim. I’ve got to where I wash my jeans after wearing them twice versus once. You can go a bit longer but of course you want to launder if there’s any odor or visible stains.

2 Launder Soon after Wearing

It’s best if you can launder your clothing soon after wearing it. This keeps stains and odors from setting in. Sometimes this is difficult to do, though. If you can’t make it to the laundromat for a bit, you may want to spray your empty hampers with a small amount of Febreze. This can help keep odors neutralized until laundry day.

3 Choose Fragrant Laundry Detergent

A fragrant laundry detergent can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making your clothes smell fresh. Everyone has their favorites but I love Wisk. There are other things you can do to make your clothing smell fresh while doing laundry too, such as using scented fabric softener sheets or scent boosters such as Downy Unstoppables.

4 Leave Your Robe in the Closet

This’s something I discovered by accident. I noticed that every time I walked into my closet, I caught the scent of something wonderful. It took me a bit to figure out the scent was coming from my robe. Because I would put my robe on immediately after applying my body lotion, it had a lovely fragrance that spread throughout my closet. Now all of my clothing has the slightest hint of my body lotion fragrance.

5 Have a Signature Fragrance

I’ve always envied girls that find their signature fragrance. I tend to bounce back and forth between perfumes because I’ve never found one that was exactly right for me. But if you’re one of those lucky ladies who’s found a fragrance that’s so completely you that it’s became your signature fragrance then hints of it will get into your clothing from consistent wear. I have a friend who only wears Pleasures and her clothes always have the soft scent of it, even after being laundered. This is motivation to commit to a fragrance as your signature.

6 Walk through Your Perfume

This is a trick someone taught me. After applying your fragrance to your pulse points, spritz into the air and walk through it. I wouldn’t suggest spraying it directly onto your clothing as it can cause a stain. But a tiny spritz to walk through has always been safe for me. Even after your fragrance fades from your skin, your clothing will still have it.

7 Open up Your Closet

It’s easy for closets to smell not so fresh, especially in the summer. Most of us don’t have closets that have a vent for AC to come through. That can equal some unpleasant closet odors. This has an easy fix, though. Just leave your closet door open so it can air out whenever it’s convenient for you.

These are some things you can do to keep your clothing always smelling fresh. What are your best tips for this? I love to read your comments!

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