7 Tips to Make Sure You Never Have to Iron Again ...


Most of us would love to never have to iron again so that is what this post is all about. It is my goal to help you never have to iron again or at least help you drastically cut down on the number of items that you iron. Time we spend ironing is time we could be doing something else if we didn’t have to fight those stupid wrinkles. Let me help you with that.

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Tend to Laundry in a Timely Manner

One of the best tips to make sure you never have to iron again is to tend to your laundry in a timely manner. This means do not let clean laundry set in the dryer for hours after the timer goes off. It is also bad to remove things from the dryer and put them in a squashed pile on the couch or bed. Those behaviors encourage wrinkles to form from the weight of the clothing. It is best to fold or hang clothing as soon as your dryer timer sounds.


Hang with Room in between Clothing

This is a pet peeve of mine with my children. They squash clothing in their closets and do not make sure that there is room for each piece of clothing to hang correctly. Then we have wrinkles. Take time to place your clothing in your closet correctly. Make sure there is no bunching and there will be less chance of needing to iron.


Watch the Fabrics You Buy

Some fabrics are more prone to wrinkles than others. One fabric that is especially bad to wrinkle is cotton. Linen is another. I personally do well with polyester and buy a lot of tops that have at least some polyester in them. I try to stay away from clothing that wrinkles super easily.


Look for No Iron Clothing

There actually is clothing that is advertised as no iron clothing. I love these clothing items. Sometimes they say wrinkle free on them. I have been able to find them in men’s dress shirts for my husband more than any other clothing item. Maybe in time there will be more clothing items available with this advantage.


Hang up Damp

A lot of times I will hang items up when they are damp and let the wrinkles fall out of them. I used to have a set of curtains that this worked beautifully with. What I do is dry the clothing item about half way then I remove it from the dryer and hang it to finish drying. The weight of the garment will pull the wrinkles down and out. Try it and see what you think.


Let the Shower do Its Work

Going along with the same principal as hanging damp clothes up, sometimes I will take an article of clothing with me in the bathroom when I take a shower. I hang it nearby so it can absorb the steam. By the time I get out of the shower, most or all of the wrinkles have fallen out. This is a big timesaver and very easy. It sure beats ironing.


Let the Dryer Get the Wrinkles out

Before my husband met me, the ironing queen, his strategy was to throw wrinkled clothing in the dryer with a damp washcloth. And it works. It is a combination of using the dampness of the washcloth and the heat of the dryer to eliminate the wrinkles. Just be sure to take them out promptly and you are good to go. No ironing is required and you have wrinkle free clothing.

While none of these suggestions removes wrinkles as effectively as an iron, they do help greatly. What are your tips to remove wrinkles without ironing? Please share them!

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I always stick my clothes in the dryer before I'm going to wear them, just to take the creases out. Ain't nobody got time to iron

I don't have a dryer, my clothes are always hung up damp, but my uniforms still always require ironing.

I hate ironing and rarely do it. Point no. 5 is applicable on me.

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