5 Tips to Taking Care of Your Luxury Handbags ...


5 Tips to Taking Care of Your Luxury Handbags ...
5 Tips to Taking Care of Your Luxury Handbags ...

A handbag is an essential accessory to any outfit. A good quality handbag requires a certain level of precision and craftsmanship made using authentic material. Utmost care is therefore paramount, especially if it’s a luxury handbag. A luxury handbag is a good investment that can be passed from generation to generation.

For instance, a bag such as Celine costs a pretty penny but when taken care of properly, it will serve you for a lifetime.

A handbag is a must-have for any fashion-forward lady. Handbags are a good pick as they are less likely to be tied to fashion and trends as compared to clothes and shoes. A classic handbag that was made in the 1990s will still be a classic in the 21st century. Proper care of luxury handbags becomes more pertinent and here are a few pointers to start you off;

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Most luxury handbags come with a dust bag when you purchase from the store. Dust bags are a must for brands such as Celine, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and the likes. It would be smart to use them whenever the handbag isn’t in use for several reasons. Firstly, dust bags act as a second skin to the handbag. Some luxury handbags have a shiny or glossy finish that may tend to stick on surfaces hence a dust bag will prevent this from happening. Secondly, dust bags help to avoid scratches and drag marks on the skin which ruins the bags.



Moisture brings mold growth that may destroy the leather that makes the handbags. Luxury handbags are specifically equipped with a small sachet of silica gel that absorbs excess moisture in the air. Most buyers don’t know the use of this silica gel and most times throw it. If by any chance the bag becomes moldy, wipe it with a very soft and cloth till dry. Take the bag out and air it out for at least 24 hours. If you are well invested, a humidifier would be a great way to keep the air inside the house dry and avoid mold on both your clothes and handbags.



Never haphazardly store luxury handbags. It’s recommended not to throw away the original boxes the bags came in as it’s easier to store the bags inside. If you don’t have space for the boxes in your closet, use soft t-shirts or sweaters to stuff into the bag to restore the structure of the bag. Store the bag upright or lay flat however, don’t pile them onto one another. People use newspaper as a filling which ruins the life of any bag because the ink can easily transfer on the lining of the bag and it ends up scratching your leather bag.

When you are on a night out or at a restaurant, don’t place your bag on the floor not unless the bag comes with protective metal feet. You can carry a portable bag hanger that you can fix and hung under the table. Alternatively, you can carry your dust bag to protect the leather or suede from scuffs and drag marks.



It goes without saying; constant use of one particular bag will wear it out no matter the longevity of the materials used on the bag. You may fancy one handbag over the others that you owe, however, this will cost you eventually. It’s cheaper to get a second bag or a duplicate of the same so that you can rotate between the two. Adding an extra bag will balance the usage and ensure the bag serves you for a long time.



Many women have out rightly proclaimed that they struggle when it comes to closet organization. A handbag organizer assists women to store their bags correctly. An organizer will make sure that the bags aren’t sagging or losing their structure. Some organizers are also inserted into the handbag to compartmentalize the bag for easy storage of keys, cellphone, cards, money, tissue or makeup.

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