9 Tom's Shoes Products I Am Currently Obsessed with ...

Almost all of us know and love Tom's Shoes products; they are super cute and when we buy them, we are doing good for more than our wardrobes. Tom's Shoes now offers more ways to give since their shoes, sunglasses, and even their wrapping paper are all part of the one-for-one campaign. The purchase of one pair of Tom's shoes will give a child in need a pair of shoes, glasses will give a person a much needed eye surgery, and gift wrap goes towards other donation campaigns. Here are a few of the most popular Tom's Shoes products that I am currently in love with.

1. Movember Classics

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You may be thinking, "sure, these are one of the great looking Tom's Shoes products, but they are for guys." You are completely correct, but that does not mean girls are left out. I, actually just bought these awesome kicks for myself. Just do the sizing comparison and figure out what size you are. Besides, that grey/brown combo is too perfect to let the boys take all the fun. You can get yourself a pair here: toms.com.

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