7 Tongue-in-Cheek T-shirts to Show off Your Street Cred ...

Tongue in cheek t-shirts have been enjoying popularity for some time now. These t-shirts are the ones that parody designer logos, are a play on words, or just poke fun at fashion in general. There’s a bit of a pop culture element to them, and wearing one of these tongue in cheek t-shirts can be seen as a way of showing off your street cred. These are just a few tongue in cheek tees that we’ve been eyeing off lately.

1. Homies T-shirt

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The “Homies” t-shirts are probably some of the most popular tongue in cheek t-shirts around. These tees parody the luxury label Hermès and associate it with gangster culture. As a result, these cheeky t-shirts have been a hit across the fashion spectrum. This particular t-shirt is by Brian Lichtenberg but you can also check out ASOS for similar styles.

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