5 Top Picks from Style Pilot for the Alternative Guy ...

Just like women, men's fashion comes in different styles for different personalities like the skater boy, the rocker, the jock and many others. No matter what your guy's personality, Style Pilothas what they are looking for and today they are back with us to share their** 5 Top Picks for the Alternative Guy...**
Style Pilot's Picks for the Creative and Artsy Guys...
At Style Pilotthey're called "wacky", but most refer to them as "the alternatives". Whatever you call them, this is the experimental guy; the one who sends out a creative, artsy or sensitive vibe. He's got the cool look that seems (even if it's not) effortless. Some women find it irresistible.

The alternative guy also has a particular way of wearing things. He masters breaking style rules without looking bad at all. From him, we can accept extra long and baggy jeans getting destroyed dragging on the floor, half-tucked shirt, holes in the t-shirt or duct tape holding the trainers together.

You should also keep in mind that this guy is about many other aspects, such as the music he listens to, what he reads and even the job he has. If you're looking for some alternative touches to update the wardrobe of the men in your life, fair enough. But keep in mind he's got to carry it well. Don't go forcing neon trainers on your tweed-and-cords fellow. You're better off with your genuine nerd than with a bad attempt of "cool". You can have a go at stylepilot.com; just switch the styling control to "wacky" and check out a selection of clothing and accessories for the alternative look.

Now, understand there are subcategories of "alternative". Are we talking hip-hop, grunge, goth, rockabilly, retro? The list is long, but stay with us. To many women "alternative" links directly to something Johnny Depp would be seen in. He's a mild alternative and one stylish dresser indeed. We've selected a few items to get you acquainted with his look:

1. Blue and Red Contrast Check Shirt...

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An updated check shirt like this from Topman, looks great over a white t-shirt, and, against our conventional rules of style, untucked.

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