8 Trends in Eyewear for Spring 2013 ...

There are many different trends in eyewear for spring 2013. When the big designers showed off their collections at the spring fashion weeks, it wasn’t just clothing trends they were setting. Shoe trends, bag trends, beauty trends, and even eyewear trends were influenced during those fashion week shows! There were certain eyewear trends that were popular amongst the designers and will no doubt be popular among the public this season. Check out these trends in eyewear for spring 2013.

1. Round Frames

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One of the biggest trends in eyewear for spring 2013 is for round frames. Small, medium, and large frames are all in fashion, as long as they have that sleek circular shape. A pair of round frames is just what you need to give your outfit a retro-inspired feel this spring. Round frames can be hard to pull off so make sure you experiment with different sizes to find the frames that suit you best.

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