7 Trends That Men Will Never Understand ...


7 Trends That Men Will Never Understand ...
7 Trends That Men Will Never Understand ...

When we try to make a statement with our clothing and be unique with out outfits, most of the time it results in trends that men will never understand. While we love to push boundaries and think outside of the box, men’s fashion sense usually rests in a suit, jeans, and a t-shirt. They dress for comfort and we dress to look fabulous. So while we may love these wardrobe essentials, they are part of some trends that men will never understand.

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Jeggings Of all the trends that men will never understand, jeggings confuse them most. Are they jeans? Are they leggings? The concept just confuses men. While women love that they can combine the comfort of leggings with the look of jeans, I don’t think men will every really understand why we can’t just pick one.


Harem Pants

Harem Pants This might be because harem pants remind them of MC Hammer, but men are not huge fans of them. They are baggy and unflattering on most body types. Not to mention they completely eliminate any appearance of a butt. We might love the edgy look they give us, but men can’t grasp the concept of this trend.


Padded Shoulders

Padded Shoulders To be honest, this is a trend even I never understood. Who would want their shoulders to look big and boxy? They take our delicate feminine figure and give it a square shape. I have heard men tell me that padded shoulders remind them less of fashion and more of a suited up football player.



Uggs I love my UGGs! They are comfortable and are basically a wardrobe staple on my campus. But, unfortunately, men hate them. They call them UGGly and don’t understand why we would wear such big boring bulky boots when there are so many other cute boots out there. They clearly have never worn UGGs because they would understand like they are walking on heaven.


High-Waisted Jeans

High-Waisted Jeans While we think high-waisted pants are edgy and boho-esque, men think they look like mom jeans. We might love to wear our high-waisted jeans and shorts, but I have heard multiple men tell me they hate them. They think it eliminates all appearance of a butt, which is clearly all they think about.


Platform Heels

Platform Heels Men know that heels are as painful as they look. While they think we look amazing in heels, many of them don’t understand why we would put ourselves through so much pain just to add a few inches. Not to mention, heels could be used as a weapon if needed, and that thought scares men.


Menswear Inspired

Menswear Inspired Men love our feminine clothes. Why would we ever want to dress like them? They can’t grasp women in boyfriend jeans, large blazers, and trousers. They think that men should stick to menswear and women should stick to our girly clothes. But men can also be stupid, so you wear what you want to!

While we should never let men decide what we want to wear, you might want to get used to men asking questions if you wear some of these trends. Most of them don’t understand that we dress in unique ways to express ourselves. For them, they just need to not be naked. Do you think men will never understand these trends? Are there other trends that men will never understand? Do you think we should let the fact that men don’t get these trends discourage us from wearing them?

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Where are those platform heels from? Anyone???

My boyfriend would agree with all of these. Especially the harem pants.

High waisted jeans aren't anything like mom jeans when on a hot ass .. You have to have a good eye to decide do you suit the style is all .. Check out the Levi's add with them in for example ..

Ummm......I'm not giving up my harem pants or high waisted jeans. .....for the record, they make my butt look BIGGER not smaller lol and the high waisted jeans make my legs SUPER long, making me look taller. Haha men will just have to grasp it. :-)

I get it . Okay okay except harem pants..... Umm no.

High waisted jeans are the best ! o.o

Oh my god! Because every female needs a feminine body!

Harem with pumps are cute

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