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7 Trends That Should Stay a Mistake of the past ...

By Tairalyn

Worst trends to hit our wardrobes since the 70’s. I know you all wore at least 1 or 2 of these worst trends… whether you’ll admit it or not. We could be forgiven for these horrible fashion sins once they departed our closets. However, if you sported any 3 of these worst trends together, you still have some serious community service to do. No white after Labor Day, sticking with current trends and never taking fashion advice from Lady Gaga. Fashion's worst trends can’t be nailed down to a list of seven, but these are at the top of my list.

1 Shoulder Pads

Shoulder PadsThe first thing I think of when it comes to this worst trend is a football linebacker. No doubt, hands down. Shoulder pads should be illegal, and I think, if a designer must use them in their pieces they should at least make it easy to remove them. Coming from a woman with already pronounced shoulders… if I wanted a little more width to my figure, I’d invest in crispy creme. Here’s a tip for you. Once you have removed the shoulder pads use them to give your bust a little va-va-voom.

2 Tie-Dye

Tie-DyeDon’t get me wrong, I’m all for the Fashion DIY projects, but really do we need to dye our clothing in colors that we only see in the kindergarten color wheel? Really? Do we? Let this trend puff up in smoke just like those who wore it in the 70’s.


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3 Harem Pants

Harem PantsHarem pants should have never been allowed to hit the market in the first place. Name one woman who honestly looks hot in a pair of pants that tightens at the waist, balloons at the hips, bags at the crotch and tapers at the ankle. The designers who started this worst trend should have known words such as Tighten, Balloon, Bag and Taper were not 4 adjectives that described fashion brilliance.

4 Overalls

OverallsI won’t lie, this was one of the worst trends that I sported with the best of them. However I blame celebrities such at Will Smith, Marky Mark and Brian Austin Green for making them so damn cool. You were a nobody unless you owned overalls and you were a somebody if you wore them with a bare midriff and one strap down. HARD.CORE.

5 Crocs

CrocsDo I even need to tell you how horrible these are? In case you have lost your mind and think these could possibly be fashionable, let me remind you. A shoe that can be purchased in a gardening store that comes in colors that require sunglasses and that only can be sized by small, medium or large are not fashionable. Sorry Mario Batali but this is by far the worst trend yet.

6 The Poncho

The PonchoThis is one of those worst trends that could simply be another way of saying, I’m still a virgin. I’ll give Martha Stewart props for trying to bring the Poncho back, but let’s be honest, just because she went to jail, doesn’t make her bad ass enough to resurrect this trend gone wrong. Good try though Martha, stick to baking 63 ingredient cupcakes.

7 Acid Wash Jeans

Acid Wash JeansSimilar effect to the tie-dye shirt, and just as irritating for the eyes. The acid wash jean, like Charlie Sheen, should never be given a second chance at stardom. I can proudly say I was never duped into this horrible worst trend, then again when it hit the runway in the 80’s I was still trending the diaper.

Don’t you think we should make a law, that once a decade has concluded, so does those worst trends? What do you think, which of these worst trends do you wish died with the 80’s?

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