7 Trends to Skip This Winter ...

The winter can be a weird time for trends. Some people are trying to find the balance between style and comfort, some have thrown style completely out the window, while others have thrown caution to the wind and don’t even worry about comfort. That leaves us with these trends that you should probably skip this year. Some are just for safety precautions (ditch the high heels, ladies!) and others are just not cute. Regardless these trends to skip this winter will help keep you stylish and comfortable this winter!

1. 90s Wear

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Although I am also often tempted to partake in some 90s wear, I think back on the actual 90s, when I was wearing those clothes, and the following years, where I regretted everything I wore during that time. To avoid the years of regret that will inevitably follow, avoid the β€œ90s are back” trend.

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