7 Trendy Back to School Fashion Accessories ...

Fashion Accessories for back-to-school are super fun to pick out! With school starting in just a few short weeks, it's time to start thinking in that direction! And with this cool list of awesome fashion accessories to choose from, it's never been more fun! You'll have access to all the hip and right-now fashion accessories if you keep reading my list. Want to be in style and flamin' hot when you make your grand entrance back at school? You're well on your way with this list of 7 trendy back to school fashion accessories!

1. Rainbow Bangle Set

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Price: $10.80 at forever21.com
These brightly colored bangles will be cute with basically any outfit you own! Use them to spruce up a tee and jeans or to add fun character to a sundress. These fashion accessories will be the envy of every girl in class! Wear them alone or all together for a major statement.

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