8 Trendy Items for Summer 2013 That You Should Own NOW ...

The trendy items for summer 2013 I’m going to list below are probably well known to all the fashion bloggers around the world. But guess what? That doesn’t make them unattainable or hard to mix and match with clothes the average gal has in her closet! You can choose some or all of these too, and ensure an on trend, glamorous, show stopping appearance anywhere you go. Check out the trendy items for summer 2013 that I like and find both versatile and wearable on day to day basis.

1. Colorful Neon Bracelets

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Whether you opt for an intricate macramé, a simple skinny friendship bracelet, a Lucite piece or some other cool design, you should definitely have neon colors in mind. Gold and neon look especially cool together too, and would be my choice for the season. But neon bracelets aren’t just some trendy items for summer 2013 – they are also a great way to rock these bright, summer colors in a budget-friendly way and even look great against bronzy, sun-kissed skin. I call this cute, fun but glam Marc by Marc Jacobs piece! What about you?

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