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15 TV Couples Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples Dressing up Together ...

By LaDeena

Halloween is quickly approaching and there are so many great TV couples Halloween costumes to choose from! Do you and your partner love dressing up as a couple for Halloween? Well why not consider a TV couple theme this year? There are so many great TV couples Halloween costumes to choose from! Here is just a brief list of some of my favorites.

1 Piper Chapman and Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black

eyewear, glasses, vision care, product, cool, Orange is the New Black, anyone? This emotional roller coaster of a couple would be a fun choice. Just make sure to get their personalities down and do not forget the glasses and tattoos for Alex! It's one of my favorite TV couples Halloween costumes.

2 Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World

denim, jeans, shoulder, interaction, outerwear, Let’s have a throwback to the 90s with this epic couple duo. Was Cory and Topanga your #relationshipgoal? If so then this is the perfect couple costume for Halloween. Try to convince your man to let you curl his hair if he has the right length.

3 Ricky and Lucy from I Love Lucy

clothing, formal wear, dress, dance, fun, Now it is time to go even farther back to I Love Lucy! Their chemistry was undeniable and it probably helped that they were a real-life couple, on and off the camera.

4 Dan and Roseanne from Roseanne

person, nose, cheek, interaction, smile, These two were so hilarious and had such a great relationship. Why not dress up like them this Halloween? The 90s wouldn’t have been the same without them.

5 Lois and Clark from Smallville

eyewear, vision care, fashion accessory, t shirt, product, Come on, This couldn’t be a list of couple ideas if these two didn’t make an appearance somewhere. Make sure not to forget your glasses, Clark! You don’t want anyone knowing your secret.

6 Carl and Harriette from Family Matters

smile, tradition, interaction, socialite, senior citizen, Ring any bells anyone? Well if so, then maybe these two love birds are for you. Family matters was a very popular 90s sitcom. These were parents with two children, and they were a hilarious duo.

7 Zack and Kelly from Saved by the Bell

sunglasses, eyewear, glasses, product, fashion accessory, Who here has, or still does, watch Saved by The Bell? If you have, then you know who these two teens are. If you are wanting a 80s vibe then these two might be for you!

8 Homer and Marge from the Simpsons

face, yellow, facial expression, smile, head, This is one of the most iconic cartoons in history. This couple had to be included. Just imagine all the fun you could have coming up with costumes for this.

9 Spencer and Ashley from South of Nowhere

pink, human hair color, purple, shoulder, girl, Here's another popular teenage TV couple. These two had a bumpy road but ended up together. These two would be a cute couple for you and your other half to be.

10 Will and Lisa from Fresh Prince of Bel Air

bride, bridal clothing, wedding dress, man, gown, Will always was smooth with the ladies, but the one relationship he had that stood out and made a impact on viewers was him and Lisa. Why not dress up as them this holiday?

11 Jim and Pam from the Office

clothing, suit, formal wear, standing, outerwear, The Office is a show I think almost everyone has at least seen one episode of. This couple was a focal point of the series so you'll have fun dressing up as them.

12 April and Andy from Parks and Recreation

clothing, outerwear, product, eyewear, shoulder, These two are my spirit animals. If you love biting sarcasm and overall goofiness, then this couple is the perfect choice for you!

13 Jeannie and Major Nelson from I Dream of Jeannie

profession, official, staff, girl, uniform, Here is another throwback couple. Does anyone remember these two? Well if so, then go out and buy yourself a Jeannie costume!

14 Glenn and Maggie from the Walking Dead

product, shoulder, fashion, outerwear, socialite, Why don’t we just ignore the horrible death of one half of this couple and focus on the happy times? Well as happy as you can be in a zombie apocalypse.

15 The Doctor and Rose

clothing, costume, fashion, cosplay, socialite, This couple left so many fans with a ton of feelings. You wanted them to work out, but being stuck in a different dimension kind of puts a damper on things. That doesn’t mean they aren’t a wonderful pick for a costume idea!

Well there it is, my top 15 television couples to dress up as for this Halloween!

Dressing up is one of the best parts of this holiday and being able to do it with someone you really care about makes it even more enjoyable. I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween and finds the perfect costume for themselves!

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