7 Unbelievably Useful Scotch Tape Hacks for Common Fashion Problems ...


You don't need to invest in expensive beauty products that claim they'll fix your common fashion problems, because all you really need is some scotch tape. Since it's so cheap, you probably don't expect it to be capable of solving your everyday issues, but it'll surprise you with its usefulness. It can do so much more than help you wrap your holiday and birthday gifts. Here are some unbelievably useful scotch tape hacks for common fashion problems:

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Create Perfect Wings

Create Perfect Wings If you can't seem to get the wings of your eyeliner quite right, grab some scotch tape. Put a piece on the edge of your eye, slanting it upward. That way, you can use it as a guideline for your eyeliner. All you have to do is draw against the tape, so there's no way for you to mess up.


Replace Your Lint Remover

Replace Your Lint Remover If you don't have a lint remover on you, but you do have plenty of dust and dog hair on your jeans, grab some scotch tape to help you out. All you have to do is place it against the fabric and tear, like you're quickly removing a bandaid. It should be able to get rid of whatever is littering your outfit.


Stop Runs on Pantyhose

Stop Runs on Pantyhose The worst thing about wearing pantyhose is that they can tear. If you're wearing some, and they start to run, grab some scotch tape in order to fix the issue. It'll only take a few seconds to do, but it'll save you from a lifetime of embarrassment.


Paint Designs on Nails

Paint Designs on Nails Having trouble keeping the lines on your nails straight? The solution isn't to settle for painting them all the same, dull color. Instead, grab some scotch tape and use it to create an awesome design. You can paint your nails one color, allow the coat to dry, apply the tape, and then paint over the exposed areas. It's the simplest way to turn your nails from drab to fab.


Protect Product Labels

Protect Product Labels Have you ever owned the perfect lipstick, but had trouble finding it at the store again once it ran out? Well, if you put tape over the labels of your lipstick and other beauty products, they won't get ruined as easily. That means you'll never have a problem finding the name of the lipstick you've worn on so many great dates.


Make Sewing Simple

Make Sewing Simple Tape works as a great guide. If you're trying to sew together a new outfit, then scotch tape can help you figure out exactly what design you want to create. All you have to do is place the tape on the fabric, and if you don't like the positioning of it, you can peel it right off.


Fix Frayed Shoelaces

Fix Frayed Shoelaces If you can't walk around in your sneakers, because your shoelaces are frayed and won't go into the holes, all you need is some scotch tape. You can tape the frayed ends together, so that they'll fit through the holes and will stop being an issue for you. It's that simple.

Scotch tape can be a real lifesaver, so make sure you stock up on it. It won't cost you much money, so there's no reason to avoid adding it to your next shopping list. What other uses are there for the product that weren't listed?

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Omg love the nail won so going to try it now my nails won't be boring thanks:-)

@Jennapher I'm pretty sure I would make a big ol mess with that tape, knowing me lol.

I love the concept of #1, but I can't tell from the pic how you would apply the liner? The tape seems to be covering where you'd want the liner to go? Or am I missing something?😉

So how does it work on hose? I would think nail polish is better.

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