7 Unlikely Celebrity Style Icons ...


I think it’s true to say that a lot of us look to celebrity style icons for inspiration in our own wardrobes – unlike the catwalks, celebrities do, on occasion, choose outfits that are more accessible for the rest of us. However, there are some celebrities who’ve made a name for themselves largely through their sartorial choices; but who would have thought we’d be taking cues from these seven unlikely celebrity style icons?

1. Victoria Beckham

I seem to be the only one who remembers Mrs Beckham before the heady days of being one of our celebrity style icons. In the fash pack’s rush to praise her for her high-end designs – which are, admittedly, very good – have we all forgotten the inflated boobs, bleached hair and garish dresses? This is the woman who’s credited with being the original WAG after all. Who knew she’d end up rubbing shoulders with Anna Wintour and co?

Kanye West
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