Use These 7 Timeless Tips to Keep Your Closet Organized ...


Cleaning out your closet is a huge task. Once you get the job done, the last thing you want is for it to get messy again, right? I can totally relate. These are some tips that can help you to keep your closet organized so itโ€™s always a pleasure to choose your outfit for the day.

1. Prevent Boots from Falling over with Old Magazines

Thisโ€™s one of my pet peeves. I hate when my boots fall over! I want to see them lined up neatly. I certainly donโ€™t want them falling over and getting permanent creases in them. You can prevent boots from falling over by placing rolled up magazines in them to help them hold their shape. Pool noodles can also be cut to length for this purpose, too.

Organize Your Scarves with a Tie Rack
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