7 Wardrobe Colours That Show off Your Tan ...

With summer coming to a close, show everyone how much fun in the sun you've had by wearing colours that show off your tan. Whether you’re going back to school, or you’re going back to work after you’ve had holidays, everyone wants to look their best on the first day. When picking out what to wear, there are certain colours that show off your healthy glow the best. Here are seven wardrobe colours that show off your tan.

1. White

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Out of all the colours that show off your tan, white is probably the best option. Since white is such a light, bright shade, it will make your skin appear darker. Even if you have a slight tan, wearing white will bring it out in the best way possible. Wear a cute white tank top if you want to show that you’re tanned all over. Try a white dress or skirt for work. White is a versatile shade that works well with everything and looks good on everyone.

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