8 Wardrobe Must Haves 2012 ...


Wardrobe must-haves 2012: thereโ€™s an abundance of trends at the moment and knowing which ones to incorporate into our wardrobes can be tricky. You want items that are trend-based but will last more than one season. If you havenโ€™t already, learn what your wardrobe must-haves for 2012 are with the help of this simple list.

1. Button up Shirt

Button up Shirt

This wardrobe must-have for 2012 can be classic or trend-based, depending on what style you choose. White, cream and black colours are timeless and will no doubt last you years to come. If you want something more on-trend choose shirts in pastel or neon colours, a statement print, or made from sheer fabrics.

Statement Necklace
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