8 Ways to Add Spikes and Studs to Your Wardrobe ...

How to wear studs and spikes yet avoid looking like 80’s Madonna? Well, I know this trend may look a bit risky but there are plenty of interesting ways to enjoy it in a contemporary, chic kind of way! So many great items perfect for style updates not to mention tons of interesting DIY projects just waiting to happen – not giving spikes and studs a test drive would be a shame! Don’t waste a second more, find a perfect way to incorporate this interesting trend into your wardrobe below:

1. On Your Shoes

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Wondering how to wear studs and spikes and enjoy this interesting urban trend without having to max out on your credit card and invest in at least a few matching garments? Well, shoes definitely are a good way to start! From Gianmarco Lorenzi and Christian Louboutin to Michael Kors and Jeffrey Campbell – there is a studded pair of footwear for every taste and every season! Opt for a pair of glam, spiked pumps in case you’re looking for something that’s classy and fierce in the same time, say yes to loafers or creepers in case you’re hoping to find a perfect balance between comfort and trend or spend this winter sporting a pair of totally cool, totally trendy studded biker-style boots.

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