7 Ways to Be the Best Dressed Always ...

I have always wanted to know the ways to be the best dressed and I feel I can safely assume most of you have too. Otherwise, you would not bother reading this article! I think a lot of knowledge about the ways to be the best dressed comes with time and a desire to learn about this subject. One way you can learn is to read some knowledgeable books on style.

1. Know Your Colors

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Knowing what colors work best for you is one of the best ways to be the best dressed. For example, I am a blonde. Therefore, I know that I can pull off shades of pink, blue, purple and red, as well as all neutrals except brown and beige. If you are not sure what your colors are, there are several ways you can find out. One way is to ask a friend that is good with colors and fashion. Another way is to actually go to a mirror with different colors of clothing and hold them up to you and see what flatters you the most.

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