7 Ways to Bring Your Bikini Look to Perfection ...

Going away on a tropical holiday? The perfect look is more than just wearing the right bikini. It comes down to the right accessories, shoes, makeup and so much more. Here are guest contributor Carla's tips on how to perfect your bikini look!

It’s three days before your flight is about to whisk you away to your tropical holiday destination and suddenly, you come to the horrible realisation that you’ve completely forgotten one vital addition to your suitcase: accessories! Don’t panic, here is an easy peasy run down of tips to bring your bikini look—whether lounging by the pool or strutting down the beach—to nothing but perfection.

1. Think Color, Think Coral

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Before you even get into the fun bit of choosing your pieces, you need to think about colour. If you’re about to go away on holiday, but haven’t yet had time to perfect your tan – this flattering colour is your new best friend. The pinky-peach tone brings out a splash of colour against even the palest of skin tones. Maybe pick up a coral shade tote bag; this will complement most bikini colours, but especially pastel colours, which are very much on trend this season.

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