7 Ways to Channel the Opulence Trend This Spring ...

If you're sick and tired of dull and dreary February then it's time to get your opulence on, and there are some wonderful ways to channel the opulence trend this spring that will leave you feeling like royalty. It's not a new trend and this one hits the catwalks most years, sometimes varying in severity. With its emphasis on glamour and glitz, there are many ways you can achieve the opulence trend in a minimalist and understated way during the day and full blown royalty regalia or Eastern Promise at night. Here are my favorite ways to keep up with the opulence trend this year.

1. Embellished Accessories

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One way to channel the opulence trend is with your accessories and there are some wonderful ways to accessorize your look. From shoes to handbags to smart phone cases, there is no limit to the ways in which your accouterments can act as light reflectors to make you dazzle and shine even more than you already do!

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