7 Ways to Dress to Impress This Christmas Day ...

Christmas Day fashion can be a tricky thing as your day may go from one extreme to another. Whilst it’s cold outside, it’s warm inside, and even though you want to get glam and show off in your sparkiest outfit, you’ll need room for all that Christmas pudding! However you spend your Christmas day, it’s important to look and feel your best - Christmas is to be enjoyed after all! Aside from being both comfortable and practical, you’ll also want your Christmas Day outfit to sparkle and capture some of the festive feel - whether that is with the colors, the feel of the material, the sparkle or the silhouette shape. Read our seven top tips below for dressing to impress this Christmas Day.

1. Comfort DOESN'T Have to Mean Dressing down

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Being comfortable is key on Christmas Day as there is always a lot of sitting around and eating to be done, as well as celebrating the festivities! But being comfortable doesn't have to mean looking drab. Dress up in style with a bandage dress - the stretchy material means you have some ‘give’ after filling up on your Christmas dinner, but the overall sleek look of the dress gives it an elegant feel - perfect to make you feel special on Christmas Day.

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