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7 Ways to Dress Yourself Thinner That Will Transform You ...

By Heather

If you’re considering weight loss, first consider all the fabulous ways to dress yourself thinner instead. Maybe you don’t actually need to lose weight, but you’re just dressing in a way that doesn’t fully enhance your figure to it’s best potential. I’m so guilty of keeping clothes in my closet that I don’t wear, so they become outdated, or they don’t even fit me that well. I can be such a clothes hoarder! Yet, when dressing to look your best, it’s important to keep only the most flattering items in your closet and ditch the ones that don’t do you any favors. One of the best ways to dress yourself thinner is to avoid any kind of outfit that makes you feel or look bigger than you are. While I love my oversized sweaters, sweatshirts and pants, I don’t wear them any time I want to feel or look my best. I save those for cozy days and nights at home! Try these simple ways to dress yourself thinner and you might lose 5 pounds in appearance just by doing so.

Table of contents:

  1. Stop wearing all black
  2. Try bootcut
  3. Add printed accessories
  4. Wear longer earrings
  5. Try elastic banded dress pants
  6. Learn to love white button ups
  7. Pair brights with solids

1 Stop Wearing All Black

How many of you have been told that one of the best ways to dress yourself thinner is to go with all black items in your wardrobe? Stop this! Black happens to be one of my favorite colors, but is by no means the only option for dressing to look your best. Go with some bright colors instead, and try new patterns. Black is great, but shouldn’t be worn around the clock. Dressing thin doesn’t mean hiding in your clothes, and doesn’t mean you should only be able to enjoy one color.

2 Try Bootcut

If you’re losing weight, or just want to look thinner in your clothes, don’t believe in the myth that skinny jeans are the only option for looking, well , skinny! Try bootcut jeans, which are my favorite. For one, I think they’re more comfortable, but mostly, I like them because they’re the perfect dream for a woman’s figure. We have natural curves, and our hips are an asset, not a curse! Dress to enhance your hips through pants that balance your curves. Bootcut jeans flare out just enough at the hemline to create a nice curvy balance between your hips and your legs. It can actually make your hips and waistline look smaller, than skinny jeans can if you have natural curves like I do.

3 Add Printed Accessories

Solid colored accessories are great for some occasions, but they aren’t the best for making you look thinner. Solid colored scarves can actually make you look frumpy and bigger than you are. Instead, try fun patterns and prints for accessories. They can add a little sparkle to your outfit and keep you looking fresh and stylish, not drab and boring, which is often associated with being overweight.

4 Wear Longer Earrings

One of the best ways to extend your jawline, and make your neck look slimmer is to wear longer earrings. This is an easy fix to make a shorter neck look longer, and to add some fashion sense to your outfit. If you’re new to wearing long earrings, try different kinds until you find one you like. Chances are in no time, you’ll be a huge fan like I am!

5 Try Elastic Banded Dress Pants

Most of us think of elastic bands as something to wear when we’re gaining weight, so hear me out here. Actually, elastic banded dress pants,are great to buy to make your waistline look thinner. Belts can bulk up your waistline if you’re not tucking your shirts in your pants, and bulky button up pants can make you look bigger than you are if you have a sweater or blouse pulled tightly over them. Instead, try elastic banded dress pants, which fit right up against your belly and help to fight against what I call “buckle bulk”. I like brands such as Express, Missoni from Target, and Amy Byar..

6 Learn to Love White Button Ups

I’m in love with white button up shirts for a few reasons. First, you can do so much with them! Wear a slim fitting tank under them, and wear them open neck with some jewelry for a casual look, button them up and tuck them in your pants with a cute belt for a day at the office, or wear them outside of a nice pair of dress pants with a cute scarf tied around your waist as a belt alternative. These shirts are easy to add to your wardrobe and slenderize you in more than one way.

7 Pair Brights with Solids

One last tip for dressing to make you thinner is to pair bright colors with solid colors. This creates a beautiful balance of color, and is easy to accessorize. It helps to slenderize you because when you add color dimension to an outfit in a proper balance, it helps create an illusion of a balanced figure. For example, pair a bright coral-colored blouse with a stylish pair of black dress pants, or wear a cute sleeveless brown top with a trendy pair of red pants. This creates a fashionable balance between bright and bold, which makes any woman look her best!

Whether you need to lose weight or not, these are all great tips for teaching you how to dress your best, no matter what size you are! I’m sure you have plenty of fashion tips for me too, so please do share them with me! What’s your favorite way to dress yourself to enhance your figure?

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