7 Ways to Dress Yourself Thinner That Will Transform You ...

If you’re considering weight loss, first consider all the fabulous ways to dress yourself thinner instead. Maybe you don’t actually need to lose weight, but you’re just dressing in a way that doesn’t fully enhance your figure to it’s best potential. I’m so guilty of keeping clothes in my closet that I don’t wear, so they become outdated, or they don’t even fit me that well. I can be such a clothes hoarder! Yet, when dressing to look your best, it’s important to keep only the most flattering items in your closet and ditch the ones that don’t do you any favors. One of the best ways to dress yourself thinner is to avoid any kind of outfit that makes you feel or look bigger than you are. While I love my oversized sweaters, sweatshirts and pants, I don’t wear them any time I want to feel or look my best. I save those for cozy days and nights at home! Try these simple ways to dress yourself thinner and you might lose 5 pounds in appearance just by doing so.

1. Stop Wearing All Black

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How many of you have been told that one of the best ways to dress yourself thinner is to go with all black items in your wardrobe? Stop this! Black happens to be one of my favorite colors, but is by no means the only option for dressing to look your best. Go with some bright colors instead, and try new patterns. Black is great, but shouldn’t be worn around the clock. Dressing thin doesn’t mean hiding in your clothes, and doesn’t mean you should only be able to enjoy one color.

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