7 Ways to Get a Pin up Look without Getting Costumey ...

The ways to get a pin up look I’m going to mention here are all about getting that retro-ish glamour without looking like you’re on your way to a fancy-dress party or off to star in your own burlesque show. Brace yourself, pin up style fans, because pin up isn’t just about being sexy. It’s about being beautiful, too, and these following tips and ideas for ways to get a pin up look are going to help you nail it before you can spell Ava Gardner.

1. Slim Waist Tricks

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Pin up ladies used to sport some seriously lush curves or at least managed to feign them masterly! Stiff, constricting corsets were a huge hit back then, of course, but those are hardly the only ways to get a pin up look and they are revealed to be too bad for your health to even try. Opt for a few smart tricks instead – accent your waist with a skinny belt, opt for high-waist skirts and slim-fit tailored blazers, consider light shoulder padding as well as strategically placed folds that will make your figure seem more hourglass shape-like.

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