7 Ways to Give Your Old Shoes a Makeover ...


7 Ways to Give Your Old Shoes a Makeover ...
7 Ways to Give Your Old Shoes a Makeover ...

One of the saddest days a girl can experience in her sartorial life is the day her favourite pair of shoes begin to show their age. Another sad moment is digging a barely-worn pair of shoes out of the back of your wardrobe, and realising that this pair that you spent $100 on, have only painted the town red once or twice. Girls, we feel your pain - which is why we’ve racked our heads and stormed together our seven favourite tips for giving your old shoes a fresh look, without having to break the bank. No matter the colour, height or style, read through our guide to giving your old biddies a few more stylish walks in the park. After all, the shoe must go on!

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To Dye for

this is one of the quickest, cheapest, and most popular methods of giving your old shoes a makeover. You can also unleash your creative side which is always exciting, and it gives you a feeling of achievement. Shoe dye can be bough from any hardware shop and is very easy to use. Leather is the easiest to dye but there are also specialised dyes for suede and nubuck shoes.


Call upon Your Cobbler

If the problem is the fit of your shoes, why not go to a cobbler for a custom fit? They can make almost any adjustments you require, such as altering the width of the calf to be narrower or wider, or even turning longer boots into ankle Boots. New shoes in an instant!


All That Glitters

Adding embellishments or glitter will instantly update your shoes and turn what was once a dull, drab pair of courts into head-turning statement heels! Most craft shops will sell a great variety of glitters, beads and embellishments for you to get creative with, and all well under $10.


Add or Remove Straps

To instantly give your pair of shoes a makeover, why not add some ankle straps to your beloveds? This can be done with loafers or heels to create vintage, Mary-Jane looks. You could even remove straps that you were never too keen on and turn indifference into love with one quick scissor snip!


Give Your Heels…New Heels!

Yes, it's true. You can have brand new heels fitted onto your favourite pair if they're looking a little bit fragile and uncomfortable. This quick makeover fix will give you the option to alter the heel in a way that is most comfortable and stylish for you.


Paint a Design

Unleash your creativity with a paintpot and brrush to instantly refresh your look. Use all purpose craft paint and masking tape to create designs such as polka dots or stripes to create one-off designs.


Tie a Ribbon

It is that simple! Pick a fabric you love and use it to cut two strips that are good sizes for the front of your flat shoes. Use a glue fun to add a small dollop to the back of the ribbon and press it down on the fron of your shoe for 15 seconds. For a more adaptable look, try threading your bow of choice with a needle to the front of your shoe. Snip the thread whenever you want a new look.

Which of these makeover tips have you tried before? Or do you have other tips that will revamp your shoe style?

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Did you read my mind, Zoe? I was wondering only today how to disguise the tiny worn patches on my favourite pair of shoes!

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