8 Ways to Incorporate Your Personal Style into Your Work Wardrobe ...

If you thought work wardrobe has to be dull and boring, you couldn't be further from the truth. Incorporate your personal style in to your work wardrobe by following these lovely tips from Mai Der Chang!

I was glad to finally be working again, but that meant having to restrict what I can or cannot wear to work especially in a more professional business setting. Depending on your workplace environment and its specific dress code you may feel like your work wardrobe is very limited. After two weeks of a characterless, unfashionable, and repetitious style I finally ventured out into a bolder wardrobe and played up my personal sense of style. Here are seven ways you can do it too!

1. Add Color

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Wearing black and white from day-to-day is boring and uninteresting. The fastest and easiest way to play up your plain work wardrobe is adding in color! A simple pop of color can brighten up your look and change your whole mood! Wear your favorite color or sport a bold shade like hot pink, green, or neon yellow. The trick is to wear complimentary colors or to color block without it being overwhelming. Try wearing one or two colors and keeping everything else neutral.

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