7 Ways to Look Fab in a Swimsuit ...

Oh yes, you’re thinking of a late spring or summer vacation and naturally you stand in front of the mirror in your underwear pondering on the ways to look fabulous in a swimsuit. You’ve spent the last few months – yes even through the harshest of winters – eating healthy and exercising, but you still feel you haven’t got the perfect beach body to wear some minute scraps of fabric held together with dental floss that passes as the latest bikini every beach babe will be strutting on the sand with this year. Fear not, my lovely. You are not alone! And you are beautiful, and with these ways to look fabulous in a swimsuit, you’ll be so chuffed those stubborn little flaws you know are still there won’t matter a jot. You too can be a beach babe!

1. Buy Big

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The easiest one of the ways to look fabulous in a swimsuit is to wear one which fits! Not only do the bulges look unattractive, you will also feel very uncomfortable. A small suit will be bound to leave sore red marks on your body – not a good look. Nor do you want it so small your boobs spill out every which way. If you need a suit which is a size bigger than you would usually wear then don’t get in a panic and go on a crash diet. Swimwear usually runs around one or two sizes smaller than clothing. At the end of the day, it is just a number on the label – what matters is that it fits and looks fantastic.

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