8 Ways to Look Polished Instantly ...

By Sophia

8 Ways to Look Polished Instantly ...

How To Look Polished is something that is will greatly enhance your appearance. While there has been a recent trend for that distressed, casual, ‘I just got out of bed’ look, nothing is more elegant or timeless than a well polished outfit. Looking more polished isn’t about creating an up-town, prim and proper outfit. When it comes to how to look polished, the key is about creating a well put-together look no matter what your personal style. Check out the following tips on how to look polished.

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1 Fresh Makeup

Good grooming is key. A natural, flawless complexion is an ideal way of creating a polished look. Choose a foundation that gives skin a matte appearance, without being too dry or flaky. Also, nothing beats a bit of rouge, groomed eyebrows, and a glossy lip.

2 Timeless Accessories

Trend-based accessories, when out of date, can make your outfit look a bit tacky. When it comes to how to look polished, stick to timeless accessories. Think of classics such as pearl earrings, a solid gold or silver bangle, and matching rings. Hair accessories such as slim barrettes are also a stylish alternative to an elastic hair tie.

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3 Maintained Manicure

Keep your manicure at its best if you want to appear more polished. Cracked or chipped nails look unkempt and unprofessional. A French manicure is a classic, but solid colours in a range of shades from taupes to reds are stylish choices as well.

4 Patent Shoes

Adding a bit of shine to our outfit is another simple solution when it comes to how to look polished. A pair of patent shoes, be it ballet flats or heeled pumps, are a smart and stylish option. Normal leather shoes can attract dirt and stains, whereas shiny patent shoes are just a quick polish away.

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5 Blazer

Wearing a blazer is an effective way of polishing up a casual outfit. A well fitted blazer is a must in any woman’s wardrobe. A blazer worn with jeans and a t-shirt is a classic casual look, and blazer worn with a shift dress and ballet flats screams up-town schic.

6 Perfectly Parted Hair

A clean part, either down the middle of your hair or to the side, is another quick tip for those wanting to know how to look polished. Grab a fine toothed comb and part your hair where needed. Finish off the polished look by lightly applying anti-frizz serum over your hair.

7 Colour Coordination

Looking polished can be as simple as wearing a well coordinated outfit. Tying in a few colours together can be as simple as matching your lipstick to a print on your dress, or your nails to your shoes. When it comes to how to look polished, it’s all about the little details.

8 Posture

Nothing says unkempt and unpolished like bad posture. ‘Stand up straight, shoulders back’ – I’m sure you’ve heard it all before! Standing tall not only helps you when it comes to how to look polished, but it exudes confidence as well.

When looking at how to look polished, there are many key tips for your appearance. Everything from makeup to colour coordination to posture can have varying effects on your overall look. What are your best tips for how to look polished instantly?

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