7 Ways to Rock the Jewel Tone Trend ...

I LOVE the jewel tone trend. Jewel tones look good on everyone no matter their skin tone and really help make your features pop. These colors are so seductive and fun, yet give off a sophisticated and royal vibe. I think the best thing about jewel tones is that the colors are classic. If you are careful with how you incorporate these colors into your wardrobe, you’ll have pieces that will still be in style next year. Here are my favorite ways to rock the jewel tone trend.

1. Boots

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The easiest way to rock the jewel tone trend is to pair it with your favorite fall thing to wear – boots! I have a black pair and a brown pair of boots and they both match perfectly with all my jewel tone items. You can rock this trend by throwing your boots on with a cute quartz purple dress or jewel magenta top. Or you can be subtle with this trend and wear jewel toned socks and let them peek over your boots. Or you could go the other way, and rock jewel-tone boots and a neutral outfit.

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