7 Ways to Rock the Tribal Trend This Spring ...

If you're looking for ways to cast off the sartorial shackles of winter then these ways to rock the tribal trend this spring are sure to help. When it comes to fashion, I'm all for throwing the sometimes restricting rule book out of the window and there are some trends that just lend themselves to free-thinking and reverie. The tribal trend makes me want to embrace my inner nomad and travel to some far flung exotic locations but like many, I often don't have that luxury so I just jump in my car and head to work, daydreaming of a more liberated existence. If you are also one of the nomad-dreaming folk and don't have the luxury of leading a peripatetic lifestyle, you can at least wear some of the tribal trends and imagine you're doing so for now. Here are some wonderful ways to wear the tribal trend this spring.

1. Pants for the Peripatetic

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The tribal drum beats could plainly be heard as the models floated onto the catwalk in their spring and summer garb this year. Give your bottom half an exotic edge with some tribal pants. With a variety of widths and lengths to choose from, you can write your own fashion rule book when it comes to tribal pants. Whether you're going for wide leg and floaty or straight leg and slimming, combine them with a plain top and some exotic accessories or go all out by mixing your prints. After all, the tribal trend is all about freedom, so embrace the wayfaring philosophy!

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