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Genius Ways to save Money on High End Fashion ...

By Deeceebee

Hey fashionista! Want to know how to save money on high end fashion?

In an ideal world, every fashion-conscious woman would have a closet filled to the brim with all of the season’s latest must-haves. More often than not however, there is one small thing that prevents us from living the runway dream, and that’s money! Our finances dictate pretty much everything in our lives, and that most definitely includes what kind of wardrobe we can put together. However, if you are savvy enough and know the ins and outs of the shopping game, there are definitely a few things you can do to improve your clothing collection! Here are just a few ways to save money on high-end fashion.

1 Go Last Season

Unless you work in the offices of Vogue, you will absolutely be able to get away with wearing last season’s fashions this season. After the first important twelve months have passed, the prices for last season’s items start to fall quickly. Anna Wintour might be able to tell you’re not quite up to this season’s pieces, but your friends, family, and everybody else you come into contact with will think you look like you are straight off a Paris runway not knowing you got it because you're savvy in ways to save money on high-end fashion!

2 Pre-Loved

There is no shame in buying pre-loved designer clothing. In fact, you can pick up some of the greatest clothing deals ever thanks to just one previous owner! We love going and buying from vintage shops, so what makes buying from pre-loved websites any different? Sometimes the difference in price between a brand-new garment and a garment that has been worn maybe once or twice by a previous buyer is just too good to pass up.

3 Borrow for Special Occasions

If you are worried about having to splash the cash for just a specific event that is coming up, then why not consider a company that allows you to rent and borrow outfits instead? Something like Girl Meet Dress is perfect for this. They allow you to order up to three dresses, wear your favorite one out, and then return everything, only paying rental for the garment that you actually wore!

4 Discount Sites

Any die-hard fashionista worth her salt will have a list of discount fashion sites permanently burned into her brain, but if you are new to the discount world, then it’s worth browsing online and checking out literally everything. You will be astonished at just what a little extra research can do for your bank balance! To help save you some time, start out at Yoox, an amazing luxury goods and fashion website that always has phenomenal sales!

5 Track Major Sales

We all know to look out for deals on Black Friday, but in the fashion world, there seems to be a thread that you can follow where lots of different designers will start sales at the same time. The season between Thanksgiving and Christmas is famous for flash fashion sales, so it might be worth setting up a few Google alerts!

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