7 Ways to Shop Your Own Closet and save Money ...


7 Ways to Shop Your Own Closet and save Money ...
7 Ways to Shop Your Own Closet and save Money ...

There are so many reasons to skip shopping and just shop your own closet instead. Maybe it’s your New Year’s resolution to stop spending money on clothes. Maybe you just don’t have the budget to spend right now. No matter why you’ve decided to shop your closet, these tips to shop your closet and save money are sure to come in handy this year!

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Switch up Your Jewelry

Personally, I have so much jewelry that I’ve seemed to assign to certain outfits. I won’t wear that jewelry unless I’m wearing a certain piece or outfit with it. If you’re like that as well, mix everything up! Layer necklaces to create a chunkier effect, mix and match bracelets with your watch, and maybe even wear those glasses you’ve always worried you can’t pull of!


Bring Your Least-Worn Items to the Forefront

We all have those pieces in our closet that we just don’t wear. Whether they’re not immediately visible to us, or we’ve never mustered up the courage to wear them, or they were an impulse buy we don’t like as much as we thought we did, change that. Move them to a place in your closet where you’ll always see them: staring at you and waiting to be worn. Seeing them everyday instead of forcing them into the back of your closet may just give you the bit of courage you need to throw it on!


Add Color

Obviously, a splash of color adds new life to nearly anything, but you’d be surprised just what it can do to one of your tried-and-true outfits. Add bright tights to your favorite skirt or a bright cardigan over a neutral blouse. You’d be surprised at just what it will do to an outfit you’ve worn hundreds of times before.


Create New Outfits

Maybe it’s just me, but I think we’ve all created outfits to throw on when we’re running late or in a hurry. Sometimes, we can get to a point where it feels like we’re wearing the same outfits on repeat. Instead, pull out your most worn items in your closet and mix them up. Create entirely new outfits out of your most-worn pieces. Not only will it breathe new life into your wardrobe, but you’ll also have a bunch of new go-to options!


Create a Shopping List… but Buy Sparingly

Come up with a list of classic or go-to pieces that you want to add to your wardrobe over the next year. Instead of splurging and buying them all at once (something I’m often guilty of) buy one piece from your list every month. It will make you even more excited to buy each item, when you know you get to reward yourself with a piece you’ve been looking forward to every month.


DIY Your Clothes

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, there are a plethora of ideas, tips, and tricks to completely overhaul your wardrobe without really buying anything. If you have a piece that you just really don’t like anymore, but can’t figure out what to do with it, start Googling DIYs for your piece of clothing. You may just be shocked at the life changing hacks you’ll find!


Make a Pinterest

Another great perk of the Internet is Pinterest. Getting a Pinterest is great when you’re looking for style inspiration. You may just find an outfit that you’re absolutely in love with, and chances are you’ll have the components to build it from your wardrobe!

What are your tips for shopping your own closet? Give me your tips, ladies! I could always use them!

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Every time I clean out my closet I feel like I went shopping. I'll go to work and my friend George will say oh I love your shoes are they new? Closet find!

Great article and could help a lot of us. Thank you so much for putting it all together.

This might sound silly but wash/clean ALL your clothes and put everything away where it should be. I invariably have a pile of dirty laundry along with the useable clean items in the closet. If just once you get every single thing clean and out away, NOW you can really put together outfits. Otherwise, that nearly perfect outfit might be missing just one thing to tie it together, but if that one thing is hidden in a pile of laundry, you're out of luck.

I loved this article. I have high credit card debt due to impulse buying. I went through my closet and told my husband I have enough clothes for a year with out ever having to buy anything, except a pair of shoes for work. You don't realize how much you accrue in your closet until you really look.

Great ideas!

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